Top 10 Healthcare Communication Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

The care delivery process involves a number of people from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and dietician, and the patients and their family members. To get the best healthcare outcomes, advanced and seamless communication is essential because the absence of which may lead to adverse events.

Earlier, in the form of landline phones, VoIP handsets, overhead paging systems, and EHR-based messaging tools, the healthcare communication solutions were helping to connect the healthcare providers, the patients, and the others involved in care cycle. However, these solutions have now become non-standardized and frustrating, as they are not able to cope with the digital disruption that the healthcare industry is going through. Understanding the need, healthcare solution providers are now leveraging the advanced technologies such as cloud, AI, ML, and chatbots to bring out innovative voice, text and web-based communication solutions. These solutions are being designed and delivered to facilitate automated documentation to track patient and provider interaction, avoid any manual error, and to enhance connectivity as well as workflow and clinical data streamlining. Besides, solution providers are also introducing technological developments in middleware, digital imaging, molecular communication, and innovative digital sensors to streamline the communication process.

Though there are many healthcare communication services providers, who claim to offer the best solution with all the requirements fulfilled but picking up the right one is always a tough task for the leaders. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the best, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of the top healthcare consulting/services providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance today’s healthcare communication services.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook features companies with expertise in healthcare communication practices to update you about the best healthcare communication solutions you can choose from, aimed at achieving patient satisfaction by addressing crucial factors of access to healthcare information, cost of care, and quality of healthcare service.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s - Top 10 Healthcare Communication Consulting/Services Companies 2018.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
AEIO Online By incorporating IT, the firm assists businesses to use computers and telecommunications equipment and handle data efficiently
Avidex Provides end-to-end audiovisual and unified collaboration solutions for healthcare organizations
Chesapeake Telephone Systems Designs voice and data solutions via leading edge products and services to help achieve effective communication
Communications Engineering Company Designs and customizes staff-patient communication and mobility communication solutions for healthcare organization
Connexion Healthcare Focuses on improving patient journey and reduce time to diagnose via effective communication and education
Evolution Medical Communication Creates, manages, and delivers the communication programs for the healthcare sector
LPS Associates Provides high definition video conferencing services to improve patient reach, reduce the cost and time, as well as, providing remote access to specialty care
MaxMD Provider of secure healthcare information technology and interoperability plus data solutions
Peak Outcomes Offers integrated solutions to improve healthcare outcomes
Springer Healthcare A global provider of scientific communications for engaging and educating the audience in healthcare environment